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JJ Olatunji

JJ Olatunji

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Phonix Timme sedan
16th july is my birthday!!! Best birthday gift ever
Sleepcraft Timme sedan
4 minute merch plug btw
suspectjosh yt
suspectjosh yt Timme sedan
He releases it on my birthday
Lenny Abrahamson
Lenny Abrahamson Timme sedan
Dude y is just apologising so much??!!
Dylan Does Things
Dylan Does Things 2 timmar sedan
This is why I don’t stream 🤣
Spooker 2 timmar sedan
one of those features better be polo g
ELO Snowyy.
ELO Snowyy. 2 timmar sedan
0.10 x 10 still is a 1
faZe sid
faZe sid 2 timmar sedan
The game was over lets be real wallahi 4 niggas entered through yhe door wallahi billahi
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff 2 timmar sedan
4:08 is a great time to watch if u came for the try not to laugh instead of the 4min of promotion (no offense jj ) i just came to laugh not watch a 4min ad 😂
Xavier Wright
Xavier Wright 3 timmar sedan
The face that u decided not to fix ur durag at all got me joced out
WRLD On Tacoz
WRLD On Tacoz 3 timmar sedan
u should try drill
Byleonlol 3 timmar sedan
I love the fact that his album is gonna came out on my birthday
Not Zec_r
Not Zec_r 3 timmar sedan
My guy waisted 4 minutes of my life. Longest intro ive ever seen
Yoganand 3 timmar sedan
John Riera
John Riera 3 timmar sedan
Dam July 16 is my birthday
Thomas Fox
Thomas Fox 3 timmar sedan
Jj u can laugh at that Me well i just did
baileyffm 3 timmar sedan
you forgot to mention s-x
peach !
peach ! 4 timmar sedan
have you seen the state of her body?
AntitYシ 4 timmar sedan
i swear his intro is longer yhan hus forehead😂😂😂
abu dhabi
abu dhabi 4 timmar sedan
I have never witnessed such anger towards a video i patiently waited for like 2 min gor the try not to laugh,had to wait 2 more minutes
Luke Pennell
Luke Pennell 4 timmar sedan
his beard looks like my shelf I haven't cleaned in a year. im such a dickhead
skzy 4 timmar sedan
Twitter are gonna cancel you for not laughing at videos, that you're not supposed to be laughing to
The_ Anubis
The_ Anubis 4 timmar sedan
New Album, New bet: if we get number 1, you shave your head bald.
Zofia Siudmak
Zofia Siudmak 4 timmar sedan
his durag is annoying me... the front bit :[]
Lear Byekwaso
Lear Byekwaso 4 timmar sedan
lean and bop
UiGogeta 910
UiGogeta 910 5 timmar sedan
4:08 Start of the video
Rabin Said Norretullskolan 7A
Rabin Said Norretullskolan 7A 5 timmar sedan
MY birthday is 5 july
SpArK 5 timmar sedan
Ben-Luis Mola
Ben-Luis Mola 5 timmar sedan
why is the merch so ass
boii boii
boii boii 5 timmar sedan
Put NLE Choppa in one of your songs
Raven 6 timmar sedan
shoulda got dababy on the album
ItzNahid 6 timmar sedan
2020 he said that next year he will pull out the big horn flute out in his next show.
Da Kuno
Da Kuno 6 timmar sedan
can you get me to the concert virtually? like posting the video in your SEcycle? I can't go there since pandemic. No airplane :'
AK47 Delight
AK47 Delight 6 timmar sedan
i dont know bout you but 11:25 that shit is still funny talk about canceled lol
Tainted sleepy
Tainted sleepy 6 timmar sedan
The crazy thing is my bday is in 17th july
Bequest games
Bequest games 6 timmar sedan
he cancelled his family on Christmas
Jack Redford
Jack Redford 7 timmar sedan
Over 4 minutes of intro...
Kirk Van Opel
Kirk Van Opel 7 timmar sedan
harry 7 timmar sedan
ayo album comes out on my birthdayy ayy can't wait i ain't gonna have happy birthday to harry imma have DISSIMULATION
Austin Higgins
Austin Higgins 7 timmar sedan
On July 20
Austin Higgins
Austin Higgins 7 timmar sedan
4 days more and I will be 15
Josh 8 timmar sedan
If you get 21 to drop some hard verses in ur album I’ll have it on repeat
Lukas 9 timmar sedan
ksi the vids are made to make you laugh also the darker ones
mohannad rahhal
mohannad rahhal 9 timmar sedan
Lean and bob 14:07
Josh Footner
Josh Footner 10 timmar sedan
Tennis ball throw it against the wall...
Waleed Alhelo
Waleed Alhelo 11 timmar sedan
Ksi said kabab way too good it’s suspicious
Open Mind Incorporated
Open Mind Incorporated 11 timmar sedan
So I totally get that KSI makes music but I doubt that the arena can be even 1/4 full. If we think back when Fouseytube did his whole tour/show you saw the subpar results I can only think something similar will happen with KSI due to his engagement going down so much.
uejsgsjsgajdtahsvsjwy 12 timmar sedan
2:32 "which is really really sad" ksi: *continues to laugh*
Your boy mike Lora
Your boy mike Lora 12 timmar sedan
Jj when he laughs he rember me when the goat Meame LOL 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
El /:
El /: 12 timmar sedan
Why is this a try not to laugh when he’s literally laughing on every single one of them
El /:
El /: 12 timmar sedan
KSI laughed like 30 times before he even started the vid 😂
Leo Le Tissier
Leo Le Tissier 12 timmar sedan
The Title: If I Laugh the I get cancelled KSI: laughs like 10 Million times lol
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 13 timmar sedan
we all know what this means new album = number one = baldski = we actually have to make it go number one this time
Faraz Torabi
Faraz Torabi 13 timmar sedan
Anyone noticed the Scooby Doo laugh at 9:12
saainwannabe 13 timmar sedan
slef burn , thats rare
George Emmanuel
George Emmanuel 14 timmar sedan
actual video begins at 4:08
Diçe 12 timmar sedan
Thanks man
some random dude who lives on earth
some random dude who lives on earth 15 timmar sedan
Man legit spent 4:10 self promoting and cancelling himself
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 13 timmar sedan
Lean bop lean an bop lean lean lean and bob
Shereen Le'Fevre
Shereen Le'Fevre 15 timmar sedan
Great work, I can't wait to check your website out. My kids will think i'm cool lol as they love you and always watch you and the sidemen. Keep up the good work, great times ahead for you as you deserve it!
Finley Barlow
Finley Barlow 15 timmar sedan
Every time he apologised me: bro shut up you knew that was funny
Finley Barlow
Finley Barlow 15 timmar sedan
BotPsycho TV
BotPsycho TV 17 timmar sedan
i want to be at the Tour but i live in Turkey i feel shit
Omar Amgad
Omar Amgad 17 timmar sedan
JJ : I don’t want any children under the age of 18 to swear (Meanwhile 13 year old me who swears to his teachers in a different language so they don’t understand)
Jesse Stanford
Jesse Stanford 18 timmar sedan
the challenge is more difficult for the viewers because JJ's laugh is contagious, so if he laughs then we have the burden to not laugh
DarkLuxuryRules 18 timmar sedan
You can't cancel someone who doesn't give a fuck
lil tany
lil tany 20 timmar sedan
JJ: Even the features I got are crazy, I've got 21 Savage, Future, Bugsy Malone, got Lil Durk obviously you guys know Anne-Marie, eh YUNGBLUDS's also there, Deno, Jay1, your boy has gone ham fam... Polo G: I'm I nothing to you
Isaiah Gomez
Isaiah Gomez 20 timmar sedan
Cancel culture mad asf rn😂
Brady Hoffer
Brady Hoffer 21 timme sedan
He knows that kid was not saying that right?
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 21 timme sedan
I’m not gonna lie the du rag is bugging me in the front lol
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 22 timmar sedan
Ksi: my first merch line Me: what about beast?
King Moe
King Moe 23 timmar sedan
Wtf happened to Ksi he broken
RubenGtzz 23 timmar sedan
Lean bop lean an bop lean lean lean and bob
Jack S
Jack S 23 timmar sedan
4 minute intro smh
Omar Hani
Omar Hani 23 timmar sedan
JJ takes for AGES for his intro
Ethanwinter96 23 timmar sedan
Eminem was at wembley stadium, not wembley arena, sorry gang
jordye225 23 timmar sedan
So can we buy a big forehead on ShopKSI ?
King sai
King sai 23 timmar sedan
Album:Goes up Twitter:GET TF OUT
exfnr 23 timmar sedan
Karl Cassar
Karl Cassar 23 timmar sedan
Dam the album will be out on my mother's birthday
Crazy Jay
Crazy Jay Dag sedan
I'm still creasing over that lean and bop one XD
Tosha J
Tosha J Dag sedan
crazy Dag sedan
Video start 4:10
Blake Dobson
Blake Dobson Dag sedan
14:25 play at 0.25 playback speed you’ll thank me later
Khalid Kure
Khalid Kure Dag sedan
For everyone trying to cancel jj fuck you, you broke the guy, he can’t laugh at anything he has to think about it
Elijah Smoak
Elijah Smoak Dag sedan
Imagine, not getting the merch
William Topete Mariscal
William Topete Mariscal Dag sedan
Ksi I’m the only person with 2 10 million subscriber placs mr beast shorts 3 million subscribers away from giving me.beast his 3rd 10 million plac
Shaqmusik Dag sedan
Stop adding a much of features to your albums. You will receive way more respect if you put out an album with little or no features.
kay. privv
kay. privv Dag sedan
I fucking hate 2021 🤦🏻this generations so dead everyone's so butthurt over the most stupid shit and you can't laugh at anything anymore or say anything, fucking pussios I love your vids tho❤️😂
Nightmare Ninja
Nightmare Ninja Dag sedan
6th of July is a long wait 😓 plus we wanna see you fight Jake so you have to train and that will take even longer😭
Johannes Lind
Johannes Lind Dag sedan
So sad, you can’t even laugh anymore, you get cancelled for laughing at a kid saying a swear word
Alan Berrisford
Alan Berrisford Dag sedan
5,9 and I'm just 1 foot taller and my brother is 2 foot taller and we're 16.
1:36 also ya boi is actually gay 😳
Sick Dag sedan
Why have you got a pic of Lorraine behind you
Rajat Goyal
Rajat Goyal Dag sedan
The actual video starts at 4:09 Thanks
Tristan Dehner
Tristan Dehner Dag sedan
why did you deck wilbur
sarahp123 Dag sedan
Album pre ordered :) Patience had me hooked
King Stuggy Gaming
King Stuggy Gaming Dag sedan
my guy ksi laughing at the bald guy forgetting thats him in 5 years
Makiinen Dag sedan
How tf are the shirts sold out already
RainSurv Dag sedan
Not every man is able to grow facial hair. The most common reason some men can't grow a beard is genetic factors. Some men who have trouble growing beards have turned to beard implants. Although beard implants are now available, they're expensive and are a surgical procedure.
AOTP : exists me : Attack On Titan Poop
Fjfjf Fndndf
Fjfjf Fndndf Dag sedan
4:00 minute intro congrats.
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