I Took An L Here...
28 dagar sedan
Why I Left Twitter
Månad sedan
This Guy Hates My New Song
I'm Having A Kid?
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Why Was This Created?!?!
Why I Got Banned...
2 månader sedan
Try Not To Laugh (Fail Edition)
What did Jake Paul Say To Me?
2 månader sedan
Paying Money Everytime I Laugh
I Got Roasted In GTA V
3 månader sedan
I Got Backstabbed...
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Ricegum is down BAD
3 månader sedan
I Actually Didn't Laugh
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Among Us Gone Wrong
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3 månader sedan
wow zerz
wow zerz 19 timmar sedan
I was a fan of jake paul nvm I love u
Vince Alviar
Vince Alviar 19 timmar sedan
My brain cells at 4am be like: 2:42
juice wrld 999
juice wrld 999 19 timmar sedan
Tfue is win
chyna chyna
chyna chyna 19 timmar sedan
does it count if you laugh at jj?
yu kun
yu kun 19 timmar sedan
this is idiotic logan just being a bitch now he knows he can't beat him... I want Mayweather to utterly humiliate logan by a 1st round knockout
SquiggaMartials 19 timmar sedan
isn’t mayweather also a retired 40 year old boxer💀
Hopeless Ainsworth
Hopeless Ainsworth 19 timmar sedan
We need Salty Compilation but JJ Edition
Amiri Hoare
Amiri Hoare 19 timmar sedan
The “25th of feb 2021” yeh? See you there
BRUCE juice
BRUCE juice 19 timmar sedan
CAN YOU PLEASE laugh at a random object again plaese
Alyssa Martinez
Alyssa Martinez 19 timmar sedan
wow zerz
wow zerz 19 timmar sedan
Jj I'm hispanic that spanish was so good I need u to put that a album
Alex Moore
Alex Moore 19 timmar sedan
Trust me that’s not all Americans I am and he’s just an idiot
Abraham Rosas
Abraham Rosas 19 timmar sedan
He got good spanish accent
Lele 19 timmar sedan
Old KSI: "The best gift ive ever gotten was sperm" KSI now: "The weirdest thing I ever got was sperm"
Cris Danger
Cris Danger 19 timmar sedan
holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ksi
Ayan B11
Ayan B11 19 timmar sedan
Jake has finally hit puberty 😳😯
Zeyad Farra
Zeyad Farra 19 timmar sedan
my man just said February 25th 2021 we in may my g
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 19 timmar sedan
I got 6-4 for ksi
brody krufal
brody krufal 19 timmar sedan
Take off the headset lol
Joe Delaney
Joe Delaney 19 timmar sedan
"Your life will be so much better if you lose weight" Me at 6'2 140lbs: ok lol
Bwap 19 timmar sedan
he lied about not being fat
Hostad _
Hostad _ 19 timmar sedan
2:34 don’t do your past fifa career like that. You’re still a “FiFa YoUtUbEr”
Exro Tame
Exro Tame 19 timmar sedan
The laughing one cured my sadness, thanks
lil tany
lil tany 19 timmar sedan
JJ: Even the features I got are crazy, I've got 21 Savage, Future, Bugsy Malone, got Lil Durk obviously you guys know Anne-Marie, eh YUNGBLUDS's also there, Deno, Jay1, your boy has gone ham fam... Polo G: I'm I nothing to you
useless plastic
useless plastic 19 timmar sedan
I love his laugh
Harrison Phillips
Harrison Phillips 19 timmar sedan
Bro he didn’t even win the mirror did
Jamie Schmucker
Jamie Schmucker 20 timmar sedan
Shut the hell up you scared to fight him
Jamie Schmucker
Jamie Schmucker 20 timmar sedan
Cheese bus JOE MAAMAM
Cheese bus JOE MAAMAM 20 timmar sedan
Sakura is more useful then jake
julian mfDomCjDDjCTnDTNoNmolina
julian mfDomCjDDjCTnDTNoNmolina 20 timmar sedan
4:06 when you are in a SEcycle argument and you reply to the wrong person
Samir Mehta
Samir Mehta 20 timmar sedan
It’s pronounced JELLY B lol Indian food
CookerRocha 20 timmar sedan
1:00 why tf does deji have a gun lmao
Shadowz 20 timmar sedan
When you get hit with a stun grenade: 4:06
Stanley Hill
Stanley Hill 20 timmar sedan
Did not know how bad ksi's hair line is till know jeez
Chase Ciobanu
Chase Ciobanu 20 timmar sedan
KSI: I know a little Spanish Also KSI: PaTaS fRiTaS loll
Yan Gaming
Yan Gaming 20 timmar sedan
Imagine being punched by KSI
I do STUFF_2
I do STUFF_2 20 timmar sedan
I'm not even kidding I was eating while watching this video and when he showed his forehead if you took me to some flying out of my mouth on my plate
Isaiah Gomez
Isaiah Gomez 20 timmar sedan
Cancel culture mad asf rn😂
Ruby Sullivan
Ruby Sullivan 20 timmar sedan
pause at 12:17...... hehe muah
Julio BornSender
Julio BornSender 20 timmar sedan
It’s annoying because he barley won a fight and he thinks he’s the best boxer to exist
Catenaccio24 20 timmar sedan
12:54 😂🤯
Rosa Sandoval
Rosa Sandoval 20 timmar sedan
The beginning is so random I LUV IT lol
dhaffa attila
dhaffa attila 20 timmar sedan
8:28 modern problems require a modern solutions
Jack Drake
Jack Drake 20 timmar sedan
this guy got 2 stars on some grade 3 stuff lmao
Robert Nolan
Robert Nolan 20 timmar sedan
That guy after ksi said the n-word 😐 r u ksi
GH5TR3PR 305
GH5TR3PR 305 20 timmar sedan
So you just gone leave your PS5 on?
Vintage Editz
Vintage Editz 20 timmar sedan
Damn JJ forehead is as big as the Xbox x series, that’s tuff
parker 700 700
parker 700 700 20 timmar sedan
He might win but will he
Hydra 20 timmar sedan
Nigerian accent is like an old mans
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 20 timmar sedan
“I’m performing at Wembley, February 25th 2021” My man is gonna go back in time to perform for us
Preston Ramos
Preston Ramos 20 timmar sedan
did anyone else notice Ksi and Logan lick their lips at the same time 8:54
Ciro Garcia
Ciro Garcia 20 timmar sedan
10:06 Y’all saw how his eyes changed COLOR 😱😱😱😱😨😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
Osirus Homunculi XIII
Osirus Homunculi XIII 20 timmar sedan
@4:38 omg, They should make a General Tso's Flavored version.
Will Smith
Will Smith 20 timmar sedan
Real talk i use to hate this guy but my 9 year old son showed me 1 video and my man is joke
Owen Orr
Owen Orr 20 timmar sedan
JJ releasing new album on my birthday? Best gift ever
ZARA 20 timmar sedan
Close the door 🖒
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 20 timmar sedan
Ayeee album dropping on my birthday
Prod. Stella
Prod. Stella 20 timmar sedan
Rip Logan 2021
Benjimen TV
Benjimen TV 20 timmar sedan
rasanthn ramesh
rasanthn ramesh 20 timmar sedan
Brady Hoffer
Brady Hoffer 20 timmar sedan
He knows that kid was not saying that right?
EternalTwist360 20 timmar sedan
Yo bro you should uh sell me that beerus chain fam $$$$$$$$$$$
Zalo 20 timmar sedan
Plasma 20 timmar sedan
Plasma 20 timmar sedan
Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez 20 timmar sedan
yeah we not seeing jake paul v ksi for a while im sorry
Jaime Antonio Medrano
Jaime Antonio Medrano 20 timmar sedan
@itsmartinside LOL
ProphetDev 20 timmar sedan
"Hes big, hes white, he has legs" I never thought about it like that **$500 on logan**
Jaime Antonio Medrano
Jaime Antonio Medrano 20 timmar sedan
His forehead reveal got me to like his video HAHAHA
Sup 20 timmar sedan
JJ’s laugh tho🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yousef Khalil
Yousef Khalil 20 timmar sedan
Yo he about to beat Beyoncé tho he has 22.7
DrVince 20 timmar sedan
Ben be like: oh shit I’m so sorry jake I didn’t mean to punch you that hard...it’s not on the script
Octavio Garcia
Octavio Garcia 20 timmar sedan
July 16th is when I graduate yay
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez 20 timmar sedan
Logan Paul securing this ridiculous fight with Floyd is one of the biggest Ws a SEcycler has have had. Win or lose, he wins.
Inbling 20 timmar sedan
So hyped for the album
Cameron Isaacs
Cameron Isaacs 20 timmar sedan
I cant believe SABC 2 almost gets him lol
Josie 0139
Josie 0139 20 timmar sedan
Cringe at 3:48 XD XD
Raj Bohra
Raj Bohra 20 timmar sedan
1:37 3:48
elECtRicFaN GLuE
elECtRicFaN GLuE 20 timmar sedan
Logan Paul will get obliterate if he fights floyed Mayweather LOL
Alistair Howard
Alistair Howard 20 timmar sedan
Who’s worse Logan Paul or ItZ DaX💩🤡
imaginewagons 20 timmar sedan
before you watch this video this is JJ being crazy 4:41